Hotel Buca di Bacco Positano


The most notable attribute of our wonderful hotel building is its location: a truly enviable one!

As you step outside your room and onto the balcony, the breathtaking sea view will give you the illusion of being able to touch the sea and the nearby “Galli” islands, said to be the spot where Ulysses was bewitched and seduced by the Mermaids on his legendary Odyssey, with your fingertips.

Located in the heart of Positano, right in the middle of the long beach, the hotel is removed from the local traffic while still being easily accessible, only a short walk away from the car parks and road.

In keeping with tradition, everyone gravitates to the beach to admire the numerous boats anchored out at sea which can offer a truly unique sight. The perfect location of the Buca di Bacco also lends itself to the exploration of nearby churches and quaint boutiques, while also inviting you to explore the breathtaking scenery.
Time here seems to stand still and the ancient Positano traditions live on.



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Hotel Buca di Bacco - Via Rampa Teglia, 4 84017 - Positano (SA) - Italy - Tel: 089.875699 - Fax: 089.875731 - E-mail:
--- The Hotel closes the 1st November until the 30th March ---

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