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Itineraries: Amalfi

Amalfi, the Ancient Maritime Republic of the IXth century, was equipped with a merchant and a war fleet, both well-advanced for the time. The watercrafts were safe and fast. The people of Amalfi used to build their own ships in Amalfi. They built the war ships at “Porta Marinara” – which still exists today – and the merchant ships at the stretch of sand.

The Dome was erected in the IXth century, but its current appearance is the result of multiple remakes. In the inside, together with its original structure, the baroque shape dates back to the 1700s. At the beginning of the XIIIth century, Cardinal Pietro Capuano commissioned the crypt, where – still today - you may find the holy relics of the Apostle S. Andrews – patron Saint of Amalfi.

The Heaven Cloister dates back to 1266 and was built thanks to archbishop Filippo Augustariccio who intended erecting a cimitery for the illustrious citizens of Amalfi. It is currently a well-kept flower garden, surrounded by Arabic columns.

The Paper Museum is in Amalfi on via Delle Cartiere, 24.

Amalfi has very old traditions in the production of paper. The techniques had been imported from the Arab world and eventually improved in Amalfi.
Today it is possible to assist at the production of hand made paper and see the old watermills at work with the help of the Canneto torrent

Duration of the tour:about 4 hours

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